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Sanna & Adam

Sanna and Adam have been dancing and teaching swing dances together for fifteen years. During this time, they have become well known for the joy and skill that they bring to the social dance floor. Mostly preferring balboa and lindy hop mix & match competitions, they have taken numerous titles individually at events in Europe and the US. In the classroom, they emphasize a solid mix of technique and playfulness resulting in a dynamic and personalized approach to musicality and movement that is accessible and fun for all dancers.

Lucía & Javi

Lucía and Javi have been dancing and teaching Balboa
and Slow Bal together since 2014, abroad and mostly
across their motherland Spain.
They are directors of Black Bottom Swing Dance
Studio in Valencia, with more than 400 students, and
they also organize Valencia Balboa Festival.
Their fine technique, musicality and style made them
win competitions in international festivals, such as
European Balboa Anniversary.
In classes, they love to focus on partnership and
creating an harmonious flow while dancing in couple
playing and reacting with each other.
They offer students the tools for both ‘leader’ and
‘follower’ to communicate and create together their
own steps and variations.
For them, dancing Balboa is a continuous game with
music and the fun of jazz dance in its purest form. Be
ready for challenging and fun classes with them!

Mateusz & Joanna

Joanna started dancing around the time she learned how to walk. For years she was involved with ballroom dancing. Mateusz discovered the joy of dance when he was in university, but got quickly immersed in it.
They are now spending every minute of their free time developing their passion, taking every opportunity to pack their bags and travel to another dance festival – looking for new skills and inspirations.
Their swinging adventure started with Lindy Hop in 2014, their love for Balboa came shortly after. They cherish Balboa’s elegance, subtlety and dynamism, and they wish to spread this feeling among other people.
In class they like to focus on technique and comfortable movement. Seeing their students tap into their creative potential and finding joy in dancing is what keeps them motivated. They have been giving regular dance classes in Cracow and travelling with Balboa all over Poland for a few years now.



Papajazz was formed in 2005 by professional musicians. Each member of the band – originally a quartet – has been a big fan of the so called „old school” jazz, despite that not all of them had in depth experience in this style. Their first record “Papajazz” was released in 2006. In 2009 following a member change, the band became truly committed to the music of the ’20es, ’30es and ’40es, later on in the beginning of 2013 a new, fifth musician joined the group. Whether in a pub or in a huge concert hall they play delectable, entertaining music to their audience, their repertoire includes many well and lesser known American and Hungarian old school hits. They fain to satisfy special requests, such as providing the background music at swing dance festivals or at other events like private parties.

Hot jazz band

The Hot Jazz Band is a Hungarian jazz band honored with the Kossuth Prize (the highest musical award given by the Hungarian state), primarily encompassing jazz songs from the 1920s to 1940s, both American and Hungarian, in their repertoire.

The band was founded by Tamás Bényei in 1985, and he has been its leader ever since. Their formation can be attributed to compulsory military service, specifically a talent show called „Who Knows What?” organized within the barracks.

They virtually uniquely undertook the authentic performance and release of practically forgotten Hungarian songs and film hits from the 1920s to 1940s, sometimes difficult to access, within the country. The Hot Jazz Band dedicated multiple albums to the authentic presentation of these songs, aiming for perfect sound quality and period accuracy, thereby reintroducing them to public consciousness. For authentic interpretation, Tamás Bényei developed a unique singing style reminiscent of what can be heard only on old Hungarian gramophone records.

The Hot Jazz Band is rightfully famous among European swing dancers, and we can’t wait to party together to their wonderful music.


About Canarro’s music:
The style of Django Reinhardt,
the manouche swing, spiced with traditional Hungarian musical elements, recalling the atmosphere of live gypsy and jazz music in old-fashioned Budapest cafés, with a hint of Paris.



Giedre’s (aka Dizzy Ella) journey into the world of swing dance began with Lindy Hop back in early 2000. After traveling around the world learning and teaching swing dance Giedre established her base in Europe’s party capital, Berlin, where she became an active member of a vibrant Balboa dance community. An educator by nature and a historian by the degree, Giedre is currently researching women’s role in early Jazz music and dance history.

Giedre’s music selection always reflects her current interests. For her sets at Balboa Meeting Dizzy Ella is preparing a female composer’s hour and a New York City vs Kansas City hour. So be ready to paddle and toss-out to a whole bunch of favorite classics as well as new gems. Dizzy Ella is happy to bring hot Berlin party vibes to Budapest in February!


Kriszta’s love affair with swing dance and swing music started in 2014. She was a residential DJ in Budapest, and now in Vienna, and appeared at a couple of international festivals too. In the last almost decade she was traveling around Europe and got influenced by the teachers and DJs all over her journey. What made her turn to be a DJ? She has always been fond of music… the rhythm, the feelings and the very message it carries. It was always crucial to her to spread the love of the music and musicality even in her dance classes as a teacher. She has started early to dig into the different eras of jazz. Beside fizzy big band songs and classics she likes to play records from the modern jazz era as well as tunes of original records of the jazz masters. She always loves to bring something surprising and new.For Krisztina the danceroom is a playground, the music is the toy to play with and the DJ is the gamemaster. Krisztina’s greatest joy is to see the dancers get enchanted by the music she plays.